Agent Name


CAS Number




Major Category

Nitrogen Compounds


1-Aminooctadecane; 1-Octadecanamine; 1-Octadecylamine; Adogenen 142; Alamine 7; Alamine 7D; Amine AB; Armeen 118D; Armeen 18; Armeen 18D; Armofilm; Crodamine 1.18D; Farmin 80; Kemamine P990; Monooctadecylamine; Nissan Amine AB; Noram SH; Oktadecylamin [Czech]; Stearamine; Stearyl amine; Stearylamine; n-Octadecylamine; n-Stearylamine; [ChemIDplus]


Amines, Aliphatic


White solid; [ICSC] White crystalline solid; [MSDSonline] Colorless solid with on odor of amines; [ToxPlanet: ECHA]


Used as a corrosion inhibitor (steam systems), mold releasing agent (manufacturing of battery cases), anti-caking and flotation agent, anti-stripping agent (asphalt emulsions for highways), and chemical intermediate; Also used for various applications in the petroleum industry; [HSDB] Used for metal extraction, refining, and processing of metals; [IUCLID]


A skin, eye, and respiratory tract irritant; [ICSC] May cause skin sensitization; A primary skin irritant in animals; A 2-year feeding study of rats showed no adverse effects to food consumption, hematology, or histopathology at 500 ppm; Effects at 3000 ppm include anorexia and some histological changes to GI tract, mesenteric nodes, and liver; [HSDB] A moderate skin irritant in rabbits; [RTECS] A skin irritant that may cause serious eye injury; Not likely to induce skin sensitization; No evidence of mutagenicity; Not likely to have carcinogenic potential or reproductive toxicity; [ToxPlanet: ECHA] An irritant; Harmful if swallowed; [Alfa Aesar MSDS]

Exposure Assessment
Vapor Pressure

4.38E-5 mm Hg

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